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Why choose tuition?

You may be searching for private tuition for many reasons. You may use it to help your child catch up with lessons if they have fallen behind or if you feel that your child would benefit from more challenges. Sometimes, tuition may give your child the opportunity to learn a subject that isn't covered by the regular school curriculum.

Alternatively, if you are interested in adult education for new qualifications or just to expand your own horizons, a private tutor is perfect way of ensuring that you receive dedicated, one-2-one teaching.
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We help you choose your Maths tutor, Science tutor or English tutor.

Finding the right tutor for your child or yourself is vitally important. A-Star Tuition will be able to assist and advise you every step of the way.


Inclusive rates per hour at the client's home are:
• Key Stage 1 to 4 and GCSE: £26
• AS Level: £28
• A2 Level: £30
• Undergraduate year 1: £31
• Undergraduate year 2: £32
• Undergraduate year 3: £33
• Music: £29 - £14.50 for half hour
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Teaching Methods

When recommending a tutor to you, whether it’s a Maths tutor or an English tutor, Science tutor or for any other subject….A-Star Tuition will always carefully consider the methods of teaching. You may be looking for preparation for an imminent exam or simply be looking for a boost in confidence or support in a particular subject.

Whatever you're looking for, we will always take the time to talk you through the options and possible matches, helping you to select the best possible tutor.

Courses offered:

  • • English Tuition
  • • Maths Tuition
  • • Science Tuition (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • • Language Tuition (French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, Arabic, Russian and most other languages)
  • • Music Tuition (Voice, Guitar, Brass, Piano, Wind, Keyboard and other instruments)
  • • ICT Tuition
  • • 11+ and Grammar School Entry
Our process
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Lesson time and frequency offered by the Maths tutor, Science tutor and English tutor.

Based on our extensive experience, we would recommend the following:
Primary – Maths tutor and English Tutor….One hour per week, maximum. However, more may be needed as Key Stage 2 exams or the 11+ exams approach.

Secondary up to GCSE – including our Science tutor and all other subjects. Up to 90 minutes weekly is usually sufficient. In the run up to exams some students may benefit from more frequent, intensive, accelerated learning.
A Level - One to two hours per session are required to cover content and preparation. Again, more may be necessary in the run up to examinations.


"It is because of A Star Tuition Limited that my daughter achieved higher grade 'A' in English. Initially, my daughter felt nervous and was against having a tutor, but after the first session, she felt that she could succeed and she gained more confidence as the weeks went on. I was really impressed with the kindness, knowledge and dedication of the tutor. Thank you very much for giving us a successful, happy daughter."
- Jane Salisbury Lancashire
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