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If you're interested in tutoring jobs, offering dedicated one-to-one tuition in your local area, then A-Star Tuition can really help you to get noticed.

Our comprehensive database lists tutors for subjects based in any specific area. To reach out to those who might need your services, all you have to do is register with us for free. We'll do the rest.

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How can we help you find tutoring jobs?

We welcome qualified tutors, teachers and educational professionals. We will always seek to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and quality in both tuition and service. It's free to register with us and there's no obligation for you to accept any tutoring that is offered.
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Inclusive of commission, rates per hour at the client's home are:
• Key Stage 1 to 4 and GCSE: £26
• AS Level: £28
• A2 Level: £30
• Undergraduate year 1: £31
• Undergraduate year 2: £32
• Undergraduate year 3: £33
• Music fees are £29 -£14.50 for a half hour

These fees are the national average, though you may state your own.

Regardless of the level, A-Star Tuition only ever takes £5 in commission per hour.

Please note that equivalent fees for Primary 1-7, Standard, Higher & Advanced Higher apply in Scotland.

What we'll need to know when you register as a tutor

When registering with us, for tutoring jobs, as well as your contact details: address, telephone number, etc., there are several other details that we will need.

Mainly, this concerns the subjects that you are able to teach and the level to which you can teach them. These subjects should be listed in order of preference to ensure that we are able to find you the most work in the field that you are happiest tutoring.

Register with us for tutoring jobs on our database

Simply complete the Tutor/Client form and we will email you further information and registration forms.

We will add your details to the register and check the references that you have given. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as their registration has been confirmed. If applicable, you will then be given information about applying for a CRB Enhanced Disclosure Certificate.

At the point of your first assignment, we will give you further information regarding the tuition procedure and provide you with any advice or support that you may need.


"I found an A-Level Maths tutor within a day, who was a really good tutor and has prepared me well for my exams. Although my first tutor left the UK, A Star Tuition Limited found me another tutor literally within an hour. Very impressed with the service and can highly recommend it."

Call us on 01772 807 279 or 07941 611 204 to become a tutor. 

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