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A personal home tuition service which listens to you

A-Star Tuition values your home tuition experience very highly. We want you to receive a high standard of education which you know is making a difference.

Because of this, all of our tutor placements are based around human personal, consultation. We always take great care to consider your exact needs ensuring that we offer you the right tutor for your requirements, in terms of area, age of student, level of learning and subject.

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What we need to know

To effectively find you the right tutor, we require: several details from you. We need to know name and address information and contact details.

We will also need to know the subjects you require, maths tuition, science tuition etc, the level of study and, for under 18s, we will need to know the pupil's age and/or school year.

How we use your information

Once we have the information outlining your needs, we will have a good idea of exactly what you require in terms of tuition and your preferred location. We will then be able to cross reference your specific needs with our data-base of tutors.

Starting with your location and subject, we will be able to narrow down the tutors that we have available to find several matches. From hereon we will be able to organise preliminary meetings so that you can find your perfect tutor.
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The right tutor for the right client

The teaching methods used by tutors for English tuition, maths tuition and indeed all our subjects and the teaching approaches that stimulate an individual pupil best are very important aspects of private tuition. It is frequently said that the teacher makes or breaks the subject and at A-Star Tuition, we leave nothing to chance.

We will arrange meetings with potential tutors to allow you to get to know them and their styles. This will ensure that you are likely to get not only your correct knowledge and subject matter, but also your perfect learning experience.

Our Home Tuition promise to you

At no point will we use a computer program to find a tutor for you. None of our systems are automated and you will never be left to the whims of a machine.

At A-Star Tuition Ltd, we take your needs very seriously and want to meet them as much as you want them met. We know that this cannot be achieved with an automated system, but only with the experience and knowledge that we have gained through years of working in the teaching profession and successfully delivering private home tuition.

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"I am in the midst of my German lessons and they are going really well, I have an exceptional tutor and she is a gem!
So glad I found A Star Tuition Limited online and they, in turn, found me such a great tutor with whom I have a good rapport and I am at ease with. First class service and so helpful."
-Nicole Rycroft
For all home tuition, call our maths tutors at A Star Tuition Limited
on 01772 807 279 or 07941 611 204

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